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Role Actor Craig Sheffer
Bryon Douglas in That Was Then... This Is Now
Joe in Fire with Fire
Hardy Jenns in Some Kind of Wonderful
Eddie McGuinn in Split Decisions
Frankie in Voyage of the Rock Aliens
Zane in Instant Karma
Aaron Boone in Nightbreed
Randall Atkins in Blue Desert
Norman Maclean in A River Runs Through It
Allan Dallis in Fire in the Sky
R.J. in Fire on the Amazon
Joe Kane in The Program
Cliff in The Road Killers
Frank in Sleep with Me
Henri in Wings of Courage
King in The Grave
Lance in Head Above Water
Joseph in Bliss
Connor McEwen in Double Take
Laird Atkins in Shadow of Doubt
Bobby Ray in Flypaper
Woody Miller in Net Worth
Frank Cassilis in The Pavilion
Martin in Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying
Mordred in Merlin: The Return
Brian Goodman in Deep Core
Mike in Maze
Paul Claybourne in Ritual
Dr. Gordon Childs in Deadly Little Secrets
Boar in Berserker
Martin Bauer in Flying Virus
Frank Hossom in The Second Front
Kenneth in While She Was Out
Sheriff Earl Gentry in Velocity Girl
Chad Turner in The Mark
Chad in The Mark: Redemption
William Porter in Code of Honor
John Benson in Destruction Los Angeles
Thomas Livingston in Widow's Point
Cabal in Nightbreed


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