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Role Actor Laura Linney
Nancy Lambert Newland in A Simple Twist of Fate
Dr. Karen Ross in Congo
Janet Venable in Primal Fear
Kate Whitney in Absolute Power
Meryl Burbank in The Truman Show
Rachel Van Dyke in Lush
Sammy in You Can Count on Me
Callie in Maze
Connie Mills in The Mothman Prophecies
Constance Harraway in The Life of David Gale
Sarah in Love Actually
Clara McMillen in Kinsey
Joan Berkman in The Squid and the Whale
Louise Harrington in P.S.
Claire in Jindabyne
Kate Burroughs in Breach
Erin Bruner in The Exorcism of Emily Rose
Laura in Driving Lessons
Eleanor Green in Man of the Year
Mrs. X in The Nanny Diaries
Jesse in The Hottest State
Wendy Savage in The Savages
Lisa in The Other Man
Nina Hogue in Sympathy for Delicious
Chrissie Ahearn in The Miracle Club
Doctor Goodman in Morning
16080 in Suncoast
Lila in The Details
Daisy in Hyde Park on Hudson
Louise Perkins in Genius
Regina in Wildcat
Mrs. Munro in Mr. Holmes
Lorrie Sullenberger in Sully
Chief Vincent in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
Sarah in Falling
Hannah Gill in The Truman Show


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