Chris HearnChris HearnDec 11, 2016

Stop Trying To Educate, Woke Peeps

You know what people absolutely LOVE? When they are told what to think, how to act and what to do! Yes, I do mean that sarcastically. Clearly, there are few people on this planet who like it when people belittle them by telling them how they should conduct their business.

This is where my fellow friends on the left are failing. All these "woke" peeps intent on educating the masses by blasting everyone about how racist or bigoted they are isn't going as smoothly as some would like it too.

The fact of the matter is, too many of these woke folks are intent on controlling what people think and do. They haven't figured out that no one can control anyone else but themselves.

You can't control the masses. You can only control how you, personally, conduct yourself in the world. Instead of badgering, lead by example. That's about all you can do. Oppose racism? Don't be racist. Oppose sexism? Don't be sexist. Oppose bigotry? Don't be bigoted. It's pretty simple. You can't just go around thinking you'll educate everyone that you think are doing life wrong. It just doesn't work. It pisses people off. They get their backs up. They end up loathing you. And you have achieved nothing. If your goal is to achieve nothing, well, there you go. You are a success!

Stop trying to educate, and focus on how YOU act. Be an example, not an unsolicited educator. Make the world a better place through your actions, not through your aggression or egotistical self serving attempts to educate everyone you disagree with. Be the change...not the jerk.

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