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Role Actor Alexander Skarsgård
Jojjo in The Dog That Smiled
Bamse Viktorsson in Happy End
Ingmar in The Diver
Anders in White Water Fury
Johan in Wings of Glass
Micke in The Dog Trick
Nisse in Double Shift
Geert in Kill Your Darlings
Fabian von Klerking in Exit
Kalle Öberg in Om Sara
John Clayton in The Legend of Tarzan
Charlie in Straw Dogs
James Foster in Infinity Pool
Amleth in The Northman
Alex in Puss
Commander Stone Hopper in Battleship
Leo in Mute
Michael in Melancholia
Moomintroll in Moomins and the Comet Chase
Vanzin in The Tiger
Benji in The East
Lincoln in What Maisie Knew
16080 in Eric Larue
Ray in Hidden
16080 in The Pack
Monroe in The Diary of a Teenage Girl
Det. Terry Monroe in War on Everyone
Nathan Lind in Godzilla vs. Kong
Vernon Slone in Hold the Dark
Roland Penrose in Lee
Sergeant Deeks in The Kill Team
16080 in Fever Heart
Anton Zaleski in The Hummingbird Project
Tarzan in The Legend of Tarzan


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