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Role Actor Diane Ladd
Gaysh in The Wild Angels
Karen in The Rebel Rousers
Martha Douglas in Embryo
Helen Dupler in All Night Long
Mrs. Nightshade in Something Wicked This Way Comes
Jane Melway in Plain Clothes
Alice in Spies Inc.
Mother in Rambling Rose
Mabel Normand in Forever
Lucille in Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me
Dr. Jane Tiptree in Carnosaur
Lucille Rubin in The Cemetery Club
Mrs. Munck in Mrs. Munck
Sister Kate in Raging Angels
Berthe Erica Crow in The Westing Game
Mama Pierangeli in James Dean: Race with Destiny
Jewel in Daddy and Them
Nona Gina in Can't Be Heaven
Lucy in Sweetwater
Bea in The Law of Enclosures
Aunt Edna in More Than Puppy Love
Audrey Turnquick in Rain
Regina Van Praagh in Living with the Dead
Jobie in Charlie's War
Ada in The World's Fastest Indian
Roe in American Cowslip
Fran in Jake's Corner
Mama Blanche in Gigi & Nate
Alice Henderson in Christy: Finding Faith
Emily Barnes in Grave Secrets
Martha Mitchell in Untitled Martha Mitchell Project
Carmen in Isle of Hope
Grandma Mary in Miracle in the Valley
Ruth Jeffers in Sophie and the Rising Sun


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