Michelle CatlinMichelle CatlinSep 19, 2016

Heat Street goes full SJW: Apologizes for an article defending Pepe the Frog

It seems like the 2016 election just can't escape memes. It's always there lurking somewhere in your twitter replies. And for better or worse, it has had a huge impact on the elections.

But no meme has become more iconic and powerful in this election than Pepe the Frog.

Pepe's legacy stretches for over a decade now and has evolved and sticked to the online community through various forms. Originally he was created as an innocent character from the webcomic Boy's Club by Matt Furie, but since then he has been used by the internet as a blank character for all kinds of memes and expressions and has even been used by Papa Johns, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj.

But suddenly Pepe gained widespread attention during the elections. Trump retweeted a twitter picture of him as Pepe, Trump's son posted an edit of the Expendables featuring Pepe and various Trump supporters, and Pepe's name was even yelled during a speech by Hillary.

And all of this led to a massive virtue signalling scare by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the mainstream media. Suddenly Pepe the Frog has turned into a symbol of white supremacy and anti-semitism, with pundits and even celebrities calling him a Nazi Frog. (Yes, Hillary's campaign website legit refers to Pepe as a Nazi frog)

Of course most people on the internet clearly saw how ridiculous the idea is that a cartoon frog meme could be the symbol of nazism just because people on the Alt Right make memes about him. And honestly mainstream media has never been good at understanding internet culture, so it has been laughed at.

And then there was Heat Street.

Now for those who don't know Heat Street is an online news publication owned by Rupert Murdoch (because we totally needed another Murdoch news site) which covers the usual stuff like politics, entertainment, technology, ect. But what set the site apart was that it had a clear Anti-SJW slant. Often criticizing political correctness, third wave feminism, campus censorship, and other social justice trends in the 21st century.

So imagine my surprise when the site went full SJW and went on the "Pepe is anti-semitic" bandwagon. After one of the sites contributors Ian Miles Cheong posted a very reasonable article talking about how Pepe is not a racist symbol, Heat Street's editor Louise Mensch stepped in and made an editor's note actually stating this:

Editor's Note: This article was wrong and we should never have published it. Pepe the Frog is antisemitic.

Yes the site, which praises itself on free speech and "libertarianism" is so triggered by a cartoon frog that it actively thoughts polices contributing articles to the point where they state that it should have never been published. Looks like someone needs a safe space.

But it goes even further, Louise went as far as making an apology letter with a vomit inducing and inaccurate article about how terrible this article was and how it "accidentally" got on the site. Despite the fact that the article by Ian Miles Cheong says that Pepe as a meme as no ownership, which is completely accurate. Louise doesn't want to acknowledge it and just goes on a virtue signalling tirade where she treats Jewish people in an infantile way equal to how SJWs treat women.

Of course the reality is that Pepe is not a nazi symbol. Pepe is a blank slate, an exploitable, that can be used in many ways. Pepe has been used as a communist meme, an libertarian meme, a "beta uprising" meme. And many other ways. The only reason why so many nazi memes have been made of Pepe is precisely because the media is accusing Pepe of being one, you are fueling the trolling this way.

https://www.allthink.com/i/877990382826F559A93FD7EEC584DA446C64300FCF5748E7CDB57907FAE97DCC/image.png https://www.allthink.com/i/DDB0991B57C9C4C49248C9ADAFFE894345151A296CB40CCECC253CDF741CD9B5/image.png https://www.allthink.com/i/9EE74F4AFB3E87FFE0865767230F23DC98800406C6B1A1D3DC96A226388F728B/image.pnghttps://www.allthink.com/i/9B74F45CD1004B1F6A8886D345EBF92FE44CCA1B9E65697CD0F0FF43DAE86913/image.png

And the reason this trend even started is because two anonymous twitter users "Jared Taylor Swift" and "Paul Town" claiming to be part of the Alt Right claimed that they wanted to make Pepe a nazi to take the meme back from "normies"

Of course this turned out to be nothing but a joke. Jared Taylor Swift in particular is a parody account and he has even claimed to be Jewish. So basically two anonymous trolls basically trolled the mainstream media, a presidential candidate, and celebrities. And they say meme magic isn't real.

So after that I criticized the article on twitter and called the people who wrote it Social Justice Warriors. Of course Heat Street writers objected to me using this term but as overused as the term is I will absolutely defend my use in this case. Just think about it, what if Jezebel made an article apologizing for using Pepe the Frog because it's actually a symbol of misogyny due to a couple of pictures where Pepe is abusing women? (And trust me there's plenty of those.) Obviously we'd be calling these people SJWs for their utterly stupid politically correct apology and nonsense.

You can simply replace the term anti-semite with misogyny in the Heat Street article and it becomes a SJW piece from Jezebel.

This isn't the first time Louise Mensch has pulled something like this. Louise has a history of using Jewish people for ethnic baiting and using the word anti-semite more than the boy crying wolf.

For instance she has claimed that the term "Globalist" is actually a codeword for Jew and using that term is anti-semitic. This was ironically in response to a video by commentator Lauren Southern who criticized globalism in a video publisher by a publication that, guess what, is owned by a Canadian Jew named Ezra Levant. Irony meters of the charts.

Conservatives have a strong habit of virtue signalling for Jewish people just like progressives do for women and LGBTs. They've made Jews their little victim pets for the sake of their virtue signalling.

And considering Jewish people are actually suffering real anti-semitism in Middle Eastern countries and feeling unsafe/leaving public schools due to discrimination and pressure by ultra left-wing student unions and Islamists it feels absolutely insulting and patronizing to think that a mere cartoon frog is what apparently falls under anti-semitism nowadays which is no different from an SJW complaining about manspreading while women in Saudi Arabia are treated like cattle.

And you know what, if Louise made an article trying to make an argument why she thinks Pepe is anti-semitic, that's perfectly fine. But going as far as policing other people's articles and making apologies over a cartoon frog in a patronizing politically correct manner goes against the fact of what the site claims to be.

In my article "Why identity politics is garbage" I precisely wrote that identity politics and collectivism is never about an actual autonomous identity or collective, it's merely the authoritarian controlling the collective that projects its own opinions onto them. And that's what Louise is doing.

She's acting like the authority on what is or is not anti-semitic and Heat Street which once seemed like a promising site for free speech and cultural libertarian thought has been transformed into her little hugbox where she can freely thought police and virtue signal, making it no better than the websites it criticizes.

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