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Catlin Interviews #2: Interview with the Hotep community

If you've been on twitter it's likely that you may have encountered a zeitgeist of black people who call themselves Hotep. This controversial community who promoted itself with the hashtag #hotepday have created notoriety in political circles for its staunch criticism of third wave feminism, identity politics, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Supporters see Hotep as a stance of individuality and self-reliance. To lift the black community through individual merit rather than handouts. Critics on the other hand have accused Hotep of promoting sexism, homophobia, and being "coons."

I had little idea on what Hotep is getting into it. So I interviewed three prominent members who actively advocate the Hotep mentality to describe what it is.

The people I am interviewing include:

Jordan Parrish - Conservative Activist

Aedonis Bravo - Author of CONTROL and commentator at Hotep Nation

Jermm Javon - Artist, Entrepreneur, and freethinker

It should be noted that none of these claim to fully represent the Hotep community, their interviews are purely based on their personal views and perspectives in the community.

Can you tell a bit about yourself and how you discovered the Hotep community?

Jordan: I'm a black american male, conservative, open minded, and I am hotep. My name is Jordan. I avoided the hoteps for a long time, assuming they were just blm libs plus conspiracy theories and Egypt symbolism.

Aedonis: I'm just a regular degular 20 year old with political views that are deemed unusual based on my demographic, honestly. I discovered the Hotep community shortly after creating a new account to discuss my political views on. My initial encounters with Hotep were with @handymayhem through him being a black Trump supporter, and @VibeHi through his views on social issues, and soon after found myself becoming a part of the community.

Jermm: My name is Jeremy, I'm 23 years old and I live in Tampa, Florida. I had an interesting childhood. When I was in Elementary school I had a large amount of energy in school. You would think I had ADHD or something but I was never told I did. Instead I was actually classified gifted because of my IQ. I was taken from 3rd grade classes to fifth grade classes for an hour or 2 a day and throughout elementary and middle school I would spend an hour a day with the rest of the gifted students to do assignments that involve critical and creative thinking. It was in one of these classes I was introduced to a children's website about Egypt while learning about ancient civilizations. It caught my interest as a child but I never dove deep into it.

The gifted students were very smart academically but critical thinking seemed to be my talent. There would be times where I would be applauded by the whole class for answering the hardest questions. It wasn't until high school that I realized how different I was from the other gifted students. All of them graduated top of the class and were college bound but I had no interest in college because I saw the long term effects of student loans and I had no interest in high school because they were teaching us only to pass state tests. No real knowledge about life.

In 2011 at 18 years old I woke up one day and decided to try meditation. I was just curious as of why people did it. When I tried it I felt a feeling that I can only describe as total bliss. The state was so amazing and powerful that I got afraid and pulled myself out of it. From that day on I was on a pursuit to learn. I couldn't control it. I began researching things like astro projection, zen meditation, secret societies, etc. It all lead me to knowledge to about the pineal gland. I binged on articles, books, videos, and documentaries.

Anything I could find about spirituality or hidden truths. I would frequently come across was references to Egypt. In 2012 the hip-hop, pop, and R&B media used what many people would call Illuminati symbolism in their music videos and pictures. I noticed that the government and secret societies also used many Egyptian symbols. People began calling these symbols evil and occult. I would wonder why because I knew Egyptians had positive outlooks on life and spirit. That is when I decided to dive into the meaning of these symbols and I found concepts and ideals that blew my mind for a civilization that exited over 3000 years ago.

I embraced these symbols and in 2014 I learned that were many black people that were doing the same thing via Youtube and Twitter. The truth is I was a Hotep before I even knew it. I never thought I was Egyptian I just knew that the Ancient civilizations played a major role in the history of black people as a whole and the world.

I first learned about Hoteps when I would see feminists and gay people on twitter making fun of them and calling it "Hotep Slander". They often spoke about them having misogynist, pseudo, or hateful beliefs so I didn't identify.

Can you describe what Hotep is in your view?

Jordan: Hotep is a willingness to bodly seek truth, to think for one's self, and to promote individual responsibility and accountability in the community.

Aedonis: Hotep is self reliance, Hotep is self accountability, Hotep is being self reliant. Hotep is a mindset, a mentality, a community, and so much more. Hotep is realizing that if you are participating in what you deem an unfair system, you can't expect this same system to bend to you. You can't go around with your hands out and then complaining when they're left empty. Now, i'm not saying you have to be a Hotep to be these things - but if you are you're probably well on your way to being Hotep and not even knowing it.

Jermm: Hotep translated from the Medew Neter (Hieroglyphics) means to be at peace. Imhotep is the name of a man who is known as the true father of modern medicine. He was the father of modern science period. In my view a Hotep is someone who appreciates one or multiple forms of Ancient African spirituality and want to use the same customs today to build the mindset for black people to uplift themselves in society instead of looking for handouts from society.

It seems that Hotep has gained a reputation of being right-wing and anti-left due to its focus on rugged individualism and self-sufficiency as well as a rejection of collectivist identity politics associated with the left. Would it be accurate to describe it as right-wing?

Jordan: As a group it's technically neutral, but it attracts more right wing people on average. I am very right wing and very anti left as a result. Some hoteps are more centrist...i have even heard of some on the left.

Aedonis: Well, one thing about Hoteps is we aren't a monolith, we all don't think or act the same so I can't speak for all of us, but for the most part the ones that are more politically active would probably fall under that criteria. Besides Hotep I'm hesitant to attach myself to labels, being it right/left wing, liberal/conservative, democrat/republican or anything like that.

Jermm: I don't think you can really use those types of political terms to describe Hotep because our beliefs go so much deeper than the game that is know as politics today but I will say that a lot of Hoteps are anti-Obama because he didn't do anything sincere for black people even though they were his biggest support group and biggest group of voters. Hoteps are usually anti-democrat as well because democratic presidents have been pandering black people for votes but never seem to get around to trying to help with the major issues black people face.

The community has also been accused of sexism and homophobia by critics. Why do you think it gained this reputation and do you take issue with these claims?

Jordan: If you are not a Marxist. You are a bigot. You know the drill. Opposition to feminism and normalization of homosexuality and the death of masculinity are why they call us haters.

Aedonis: This is an issue I've addressed in my article, "A Guide to Hotep on Social Media," but I think it comes from two major reasons. On one hand, there is an issue with people taking our tweets (which are not 100% representative of a persons' real life character, by the way) out of context or taking joking/satirical tweets to be meaningless. On the other hand, I think many of them have an issue with certain Hoteps using the term "The Gay Agenda" in their views on LGBT issues. Most people don't even let them get to the point of explaining just what they mean by saying that before they get offended and go on the attack.

Jermm: This is a tricky question. Hoteps have been an evolving thing so the overall beliefs have evolved as we learn more about the true meaning of the symbols we represent and why we believe in them. There are some Hoteps the are fully "Awake", there are some that are in an awakening process, and some that are ignorant but cling to it because they love the symbols and find it interesting but didn't really learn the true meanings. The ignorant and troll Hoteps are the reason Hoteps gained popularity. They were popular for making sexist claims like the man is the head of the house hold, some have said brutal things about gay people but they were really just individuals expressing their beliefs from their perception.

They would argue with feminists and gay individuals on twitter and because many of them had Egyptian symbols and and would use "Hotep" as a greeting people started referring to them more and more as Hoteps. This caused plenty of people to be reluctant to speak out on twitter and call themselves Hotep because they didn't want to be branded as Misogynistic, or racist, or woman haters. For a while in the public eye that's what Hotep meant until know.

Hoteps have been put into a box and it wasn't until #hotepday that people gave them a chance and got to see different perspectives of the Hotep community.

To clear up the view by Hoteps of Homosexuality we do not hate gays. I repeat we do not hate gays. We just do not see it as procreative because homosexuality does not generate offspring. We believe feminine and masculine energy go hand in hand and neither is stronger than the other. One cannot operate without the other. We need our woman and our men to both stand tall and be the best they can be for the children. Both females and males have unique properties and characteristics that go hand in hand. This belief is expressed by the Ankh which represents life, the woman's womb, and the joining of male and female all at once. We believe in family because that's the foundation of the black community but in this society black families are dealing with a lot of issues both internal and external that are tearing families apart, thus causing disunity amongst the whole race.

I've noticed many Hotep figures are also Trump supporters. Are you a Trump supporter and what kind of relation do you see between the Trump movement and Hotep?

Jordan: I will be voting for Trump

Aedonis: Yea, and I'm not sure if there's really a relation - I feel like more of us are indifferent to the election than the ones who support Trump, but at the end of the day 100% of us know that Hitlery would be a disaster. All of us are clear in the fact that no matter whether our next President is Clinton, Trump, or the Ghost of Harambe, your life won't get any better if you sit around waiting for the government to make it better for you. I'm personally starting to get turned off to both the election and candidates on both sides, I'm sort of ready for it to be over.

Jermm: I think some Hoteps support Trump because he hasn't showed any direct hate to black people and he has an attitude that is similar to some Hoteps when it comes to his feelings about the Democratic party, and Hillary Clintons multiple scandals. He seems anti-establishment and some Hoteps see him as an outsider that's going against the political grain. I do not support Trump or Clinton. I don't support the system that is "voting" because I believe that the electoral college doesn't accurately represent the voice of the people. For example, George Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 against Al Gore but still became president because he won the electoral vote. How is that fair politics?

I don't think Trump would be a threat to Hoteps, for some reason I think he would leave black people alone. He wouldn't help us but he wouldn't hurt us either. He's focused on Mexicans and Muslims.

Talks about race relations and issues with the black communities have risen significantly with the rise of Black Lives Matter. What are the general thoughts in Hotep circles regarding BLM and the issues of police brutality.

Jordan: Hoteps in general are anti blm. Some dont like the connections to George soros, others think they are not effective and that protesting does not produce results. Ultimately, if you are afraid of white cops in black neighborhoods then we need black cops in black neighborhoods.

I am personally much more hawkish on crime control than the available hotep. Order must be restored. There is no excuse for savage behavior.

Aedonis: I personally think the police brutality issue is blown out of proportion, and this is with my own less than positive views of the police in general. With BLM, my entire issue with them is they have the publicity, influence and resources to tackle real issues, but they waste their time protesting and blocking highways.

Jermm: If you search for truth, then you know the truth about BLM. BLM was not started by who they say started it. BLM has been funded by companies that George Soros is involved with. BLM infiltrated a movement started by Darren Seals in Ferguson after the death of Mike Brown. The Black people in the community were coming together, the gangs were coming together. Thousands were uniting as Black Lives Matters and marching the streets. The police left them alone because the numbers were so large but every day it was peaceful. The street gangs there were uniting as one under this movement then out of nowhere comes these young reporters with their iPhone, their laptops, and twitter hashtags and here we are today. Darren Sands found dead in a burning car and BLM is flourishing and pushing more for LGBT rights and asking for handouts instead of trying to help with the true internal and external problems within the black community.

When it comes to police brutality we obviously think its wrong but that's not the only problem that the black community deals with. That's just BLM's favorite time to throw up their signs and put on their shirts for some TV time. Now any black person that's against police brutality or the wrongful acts of the government is considered BLM.

The Black Lives Matter movement has grown from an internet hashtag to a serious force in politics with departments, funding, protests, lectures, and other forms of activism. Are there any incentives to grow the Hotep community to spread more influence through real life activism similar to BLM and if not would you like to see it?

Jordan: No marching. No protesting. There is no future trying to cash in on white guilt. Period. Build.

Aedonis: Definitely, we have way more ideas for Hotep than people think. We get a lot of "Hoteps don't do anything but tweet" complaints, but I can tell you that'll be different a year from now.

Jermm: Yes, they have been doing this for years. It is known as the Black Conscious community. Most of the figures that play a big role in this community have popular YouTube channels and use them to broadcast lectures, debates, and black news. It just isn't called Hotep because the community is full of black people with many different beliefs. There's Kemetics, there's the Moors, Hebrews, Newaipians and many more. Even though the beliefs vary these groups still can all agree that black people need to take some responsibility and unite to rise to our full potential in this world.

Between MLK and Malcom X who do you think represents the Hotep philosophy better?

Jordan: Hotep is incomplete without both of these perspectives. The fierce, by any means Independence of Malcom x must be tempered by the optimism of a dr king. Ultimately, the common hotep position on group economics and leaving whites who want to be left alone...alone is more Malcom X.

Aedonis: I'd have to go with Malcolm, especially with his views on group economics and Black Nationalism. I feel like MLK was too "kumbaya" and too much of an absolute pacifist to really align himself with Hotep.

Jermm: I would say Malcom X. STRICLY because he was more Afrocentric than MLK. Other than that I don't think they really represent the Hotep community that well. Dr. Ben Yosef Jochannan is someone I would say represents Hotep Philosophy. Dr. Sebi as well.

The black community has been overwhelmingly voting for Democrats for decades now. And despite the fact that many black communities struggle despite decades of Democrat controlled politics they continue to vote for them. Why do you think the black community continues to vote for the Democrats in spite of this and how could the Republican party appeal to these groups.

*Jordan did not answer this*

Aedonis: Because the TV says Republicans are racist, and the TV also says Democrats are giving out free stuff. 1+1=2 to me tbh. Then, even though everyone carries computers in their pockets, people don't research any of this stuff and they go off headlines, edited media clips, and untrustworthy pundit gossip.

Jermm: Black people vote for Democrats simply because Democrats hack votes. They pander to black people all the time. Hillary Clinton has been all over BET (Black entertainment Television). She was on the breakfast club, a very popular black radio and internet show. She was on Ellen doing black dances with a black man. Her husband spoke at Mohamed Ali's Funeral this year.

They are pushed as the cool fun presidents with fair and progressive views who love minorities and minorities always fall for it. They paint the republican candidates as a racists who only care about more money for the rich. If the republican party wants to appeal better to groups like Hoteps then they need to show fair support for the uplifting of not just black people but all people of color. They need to be authentic and trust worthy. Trust is the most important part.

What is the best way for the black community to overcome this sense of reliance and dependency

Jordan: One person at a time.

Aedonis: Group economics and ending the glorification of victimhood and the victim mentality. Also tackling degeneracy and not sweeping it under the rug cuz "I'm black, he black".

Jermm: Right now I would probably say through black banks, group economics, and trying to keep the black dollar in the community to let it grow before we spend outside the community. Right now everything is based on money so that's the key. Money gives you independence. Independence gives you a voice worth listening to. A voice worth listening to gives you a position of power.

Other than that we need to work on our inner selves to get to the core root of the trauma that so many black people are facing today.

Any closing statements you want to make about Hotep to the readers?

Jordan: You don't have to be a victim. If you want a better life look to yourself first. You can be better.

Aedonis: For all information on Hotep, you can be sure to keep up with us at HotepNation.com, and follow the Hotep twitter @HotepNation.>

Jermm: I just want black people and all people to understand that Ancient Kemet is not just Egypt. Its a combination of civilizations that started, grew, and began to transfer goods along the Nile River. The Nile is what connected these civilizations. The customs and oral beliefs of the many tribes that existed in these civilities all came together and evolved into all of the wonders that we see today. (Pyramids, Spinx, etc.) There were no Africans in West Africa until outside invaders drove them away from Kemetic Civilizations. Egypt was invaded and taken over by Greeks multiple times. Egypt is a Greek name.

Things were changed and corrupted in Kemet by outsiders but there are many Africans who can accurately decipher some hieroglyphics. Some. Not all. There is still much more to discover and learn. All religion, math, and sciences is based on documents found in Ancient Kemet. Don't be fooled. It's not about hate or white vs black. This is not a hate group. This is a group of people who study history and embrace organic beliefs. Don't be fooled by the fake woke. Hoteps have the potential to be a real force of positivity and growth within the black community. Gain knowledge of self. Peace

You can check out Jordan Parish, Aedonis, and Jermm Javon on Twitter.

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