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Role Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Finbar Flynn in The Disappearance of Finbar
Josh Minnell in The Maker
Bruno in B. Monkey
Henry Cavendish in The Governess
Brian Slade in Velvet Goldmine
Noah in Prozac Nation
Alan Hammond in Tangled
George Osborne in Vanity Fair
Joe in Bend It Like Beckham
Davey in I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Chamberlain in The Emperor's Wife
Sean in The Tesseract
Chris Wilton in Match Point
Louis Connelly in August Rush
Solal in Belle Du Seigneur
George Hogg in The Children of Huang Shi
Shiro in Yakuza Princess
James Reese in From Paris with Love
David in 6 Souls
Charlie in Food Fight
Ben [Hodges] in The Survivalist
Robert in The Good Neighbor
William Bradwell in Wifelike
Kyle in Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders
Alex in 97 Minutes
Joe Strummer in London Town
Jack in Black Butterfly
Alex in Clean Up Crew
Murphy in Operation Blood Hunt
Sam in Disquiet
Sean Quinn in Mercy
Sir James Brooke in Edge of the World
Kurt Stage in The 12th Man
Ari Ben-Sion (Hans Hoffmann) in Damascus Cover
16080 in Altitude
Reese in The Shadow Effect
Orson Reed in Run
John Kaplan in American Night
Morton Vint in The Aspern Papers
David in Holy Lands
John Doe in Awake
Noah Blackwell in Hide and Seek
Miller in Ambush
Adam in 6 Souls
Wesley in 6 Souls


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