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Trello Leaks Reveal More Corruption And Cruelty From Zoe Quinn and Friends

Zoe Quinn and her gang of corrupt, petty schemers were already revealed to be shamelessly petty enough to make the Watergate break-ins seem reasonable, and with the recent Trello leaks, we find ourselves able to see the corkboard they posted their plans for neutralizing their enemies:


In this screenshot, we see they apparently have someone they can abuse the connections at Patreon of to silence their enemies projects while insulating their own.


And more reveals, including confirmation they worked to cut off 8chan from financial support with smears of deliberately hosting child pornography. No surprise there, but again it seems Quinn had connections there that made greasing the skids for this scheme much easier.

They also worked to removed 8chan from Gratipay for daring to uncover the truth about some of GamerGate's loudest enemies. They also basically looked for every excuse they could find to pad out their 'SHUT IT DOWN NOW" demands to Gratipay.


Plans to screw over and neutralize "PressFartToContinue", by doxing him, using media connections to astroturf the humiliation campaign, and they planned to blackmail him into silence.


Here we see their procedures for neutralizing enemies on Twitter, by basically doing the doxing and compiling embarrassing and damning information to smear their enemies with as done by sites like the more lolcow focused portions of the chans.

In short, hypocrisy of the highest sort by doing what they condemned /baphomet/ for doing to their allies.


More evidence they were attempting to massage Twitter behind the scenes to disadvantage pro-GamerGate messages and users.

This is just an overview of the Trello leaks, but it's even more damning, confirming the so called champions against harassment and doxing were happy to employ those tactics to silence their enemies.

The screenshots covered above can be viewed here:


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