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Role Actor William McNamara
Billy Kane in The Beat
Eddie Devane in Chasers
Matthew Anderson in Radio Inside
Peter Foley in Copycat
Rick Davis in Girl in the Cadillac
Prince Arthur in Storybook
Sonny Daye in Glam
Mike in Something to Believe In
Tom Baker in Implicated
Troy Davenport in Ringmaster
Daniel in Just Sue Me
Laurence McCoy in Paper Bullets
Shakley in Snitch
Chris Parmel in The Kings of Brooklyn
James Fisher in A Dance for Bethany
Jack Stevens in 3rd Floor
James in Amber Road
Guard Anderson in Heartlight
Joel in The Ascent
George in Risk for Honor
Jason David in Mojave Diamonds
Calvin Clayman in Beyond the Farthest Star
Roman in Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace
Dr. Ernest Hancock in Nun
Joe in A Perfect Date
Gordon in My Stepbrother Is a Vampire!?!
Luke Mezrich in The Virus
Jack in Day of the Mummy
Bradshaw in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Doc Holliday in Doc Holliday's Revenge
Stephen in Opus of an Angel
Jimmy Watkins in Fishes 'n Loaves: Heaven Sent
Solano in Enemy Within
Mr. Zelman in Streets of East L.A.
Don in Raunch and Roll
David in Deprivation
Stephen Parker in Life in Reverse
General Ruff in Star Paws
Jake Mulligan in Rottentail
16080 in Down on the Farm
Bodhi in Happenstance
Ben Shalks in Honeymoon in Paradise
Billy Mack in The Trouble
Daniel in The Beginning: Feel the Dead


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