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Role Actor Ernie Hudson
Half Dead in Penitentiary II
Washington in Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Mr. Porter in Joy of Sex
Bagdad in Weeds
Solomon in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Officer Sam 'Mad Dog' Shaw in The Cowboy Way
Albrecht in The Crow
Captain Monroe Kelly in Congo
Joe Lee in Fakin' Da Funk
Rev. Walter Andrews in A Stranger in the Kingdom
Curtis '8-Ball' Harris in Butter
DEA Agent Baxter in For Which He Stands
Larry Miller in Lillie
Arthur in October 22
Senator Douglas Wilson in Hijack
Major in Interceptor Force
Jake in Everything's Jake
Ibby in The Watcher
Tom in Halfway Decent
Marcus Wells in The Man in the Silo
Clarence in Game of Death
Coach Phil Perretti in Champions
Leroy Jackson in Doonby
Cyrus Parker in Ambush at Dark Canyon
Captain Bailey in Deer Crossing
Sanzone in High & Outside: A Baseball Noir
Joe in Spaceman
Bob Collins in Gallows Road
Wayne Proctor in Mr. Beebee
16080 in Blinded by Ed


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