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Role Actor Marcia Gay Harden
Verna in Miller's Crossing
Joy Husband in Late for Dinner
Lane in Crush
Cynthia in Safe Passage
Arabella in Far Harbor
Shelby Goddard in The Spitfire Grill
Miss Cheevus in Spy Hard
Dr. Samantha Hawkins in Desperate Measures
Dr. Sara Jean Reynolds in Flubber
Lee Krasner in Pollock
Frankie in Gaudi Afternoon
16080 in Just Like Mona
Grace Sutherland in Welcome to Mooseport
Missy Goldberg in P.S.
Liz Whitewood in Bad News Bears
Janet Huttenson in American Gun
Diane Powell in The Invisible
Billie McCandless in Into the Wild
Mary Marino in Canvas
Melora in The Dead Girl
Inga in Home
Megan Stark in Rails & Ties
Mrs. Carmody in The Mist
Maryanne Kinkade in Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage
Pamela in Pink Skies Ahead
Claire Gibson in Gigi & Nate
Aamah in Noah
Madelyn in If I Were You
Principal Carol Dearden in Detachment
Marjorie in Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You
16080 in Knox Goes Away
Diane York in Daughter of the Bride
Lydia in Elsa & Fred
Jane in After Words
Mrs. Baker in Magic in the Moonlight
Judy in Grandma
Dr. Partovi in Tell It Like a Woman


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