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Role Actor Charlotte Gainsbourg
Charlotte Castang in L'effrontée
Charlotte in Charlotte for Ever
Lucy in Kung-Fu Master!
Janine Castang in The Little Thief
Juliette Mangin in In the Eyes of the World
Matilda in Night Sun
Camille Pelleveau in Merci La Vie
Marie in Lover
Julie in The Cement Garden
Anna Oz in Anna Oz
Jane Eyre in Jane Eyre
Marie in Love, etc.
Alice Almeida in Passionnément
Catherine Girard in The Intruder
Milla Robin in The Log
Lola in Felix and Lola
Charlotte in My Wife Is an Actress
Stéphanie in The Science of Sleep
Gabrielle in Happily Ever After
Bénédicte Getty in Lemming
Judith in One Stays, the Other Leaves
Lucy Reed in Golden Door
Emma in I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single
She in Antichrist
Arden Langdon in The City of Your Final Destination
Cécile Mohen in My Dog Stupid
Charlotte Gainsbourg in Lux Æterna
Suzanna Andler in Suzanna Andler
Sonia in Persécution
Claire Farel in The Accusation
Elisabeth Davies in The Passengers of the Night
Dawn in The Tree
Alice Bennett in Sundown
Claire in Melancholia
Rakel in The Snowman
Brigitte in Confession of a Child of the Century
Kasia in Dark Crimes
Joe in Nymphomaniac: Vol. I
Lilly in Do Not Disturb
Joe in Nymphomaniac: Vol. II
La colonelle in Jacky in the Kingdom of Women
Roxane in Life for Real
16080 in Belle
Sylvie Berger in 3 Hearts
Catherine de Rosa in His Wife
Sandrine Leroy in Nous, les Leroy
Alice in Samba
Yvonne Casella, la madre in Misunderstood
Nina Kacew in Promise at Dawn
Sylvia in Ismael's Ghosts
Violet in I Think We're Alone Now
Toni in The Almond and the Seahorse
Simone De Beauvoir in An Ocean Apart


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