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GamerGate: The Modern Day Watergate, With Zoe Quinn As Richard Nixon

The original Watergate circa 1972 was a massive scandal in American politics and an utter shitshow that Nixon tried really hard to cover up because the facts would be so damning to him by proxy that even indirect exposure to the corruption and bad things done by his subordinates would be politically fatal.

History now repeats itself, with the modern day GamerGate, complete with the smoking gun, only instead of tapes revealing Nixon wanted the whole thing covered up as early as six days after the break-in at Watergate, we now have the chat logs that were not only the genesis of the scam charity CON established by Zoe Quinn (much like Nixon had his own scam political organization known as CREEP), and like the smoking gun that was the damnation of Nixon's continuance as President, we now have the proof Zoe Quinn and her posse of fellow scumbags not only deliberately engineered much of the fake controversy they complained about, they were complicit in every crime they have ever accused their opponents.

And, much like Nixon's tapes, we got some real bombshells out of these records, confirmed real by Ian Miles Cheong, who is playing the John Wesley Dean to Quinn's Nixon here (although Cheong's motivations are certainly more noble)

* TotalBiscuit, who tried to remain publicly neutral early on, was a consistent target of these lovely people since 2014, and they had every intention of screwing the guy over even when he didn't want to be hassled by these scumbags, so they decided he had to pay for it:


drinternetPHD is Zoe Quinn




To continue our Watergate analogy, Lifschitz does a great role playing the John Ehrlichman of this sad shitshow. Randi Harper seems to take up the Charles Colson mantle (who later also renounced their role in the scandal and turned informer), and Izzy Galvez makes for a much more pathetic G.Gordon Liddy stand-in, with the other imbeciles doing their own bad parodies of the various Plumbers and ratfuckers of the Watergate era, with Secret Gamer Girl and a few others passing the H.R. Haldeman role around.

* And just like the White House goons foamed at the mouth every time any of their dirty laundry was examined, we have Lifschitz doing the same over his own:



* Another party to this dumpster fire would be Dina, aka the manager behind the Mighty Number 9 implosion, who is eagerly joining in on the TotalBiscuit hatefest.


* We also have Katherine Cross (aka Miguel, under the name Quinnae) playing the E. Howard Hunt role here as the resident expert for hire, much like Hunt was the same for the Plumbers during Watergate.


And much like how Hunt would be willing to commit all sort of criminal acts if he felt it served a higher cause, we have Cross spouting much the same platitudes, and much like Hunt, had the arrogant presumption:



* And much like the Nixon goons had their "dirty tricks" ops, here we see this gaggle of corrupt imbeciles rubbing their hands in glee over plotting their own.


And, much like the Nixon goons blatantly used the IRS as a cudgel like it would never come back to haunt them, they cheer on Kuchera being their cudgel against their enemies.



You were a prophet, Tesseract. Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworkski said something similar about Nixon's guilt when he first heard the "cancer on the presidency" tape.


* And here we have the same sanctimonious logic that helped the Nixon goons sleep at night when they wanted to have the CIA and FBI dox their political opponents.....ah the more things change, the more corrupt assholes find excuses to hand wave away their own treachery......


* And here we have the ribald fantasies of a bunch of corrupt goons who want to see their opponents destroyed, much like how Nixon's goons hoped for the same during their time against their own foes.


* My fucking sides. This same group of corrupt assbags that have Nicholas Nyberg amongst their numbers call Fredrick Brennan a pedophile?


* Much like how the Watergate execs tried to have plausibility deniability for their crimes, these goons too want the same.


* We all knew Twitter was corrupt, much like how Nixon had Patrick Gray as his stooge at the FBI, who suppressed investigations, ordered illegal wiretaps, and burned evidence for his boss.


* Nixon's goons were always hoping to avoid the negative consequences for their boom and bang jobs, these corrupt shitslingers are no different.


* And much like how Nixon's goons got erect at the thought of fucking over Daniel Ellsberg, so these assholes get hard-ons at being a bigger enemy to a woman than Gamergate ever has been, if ever. Bonus irony in that QUINN HERSELF is directly scheming with her acolytes. Not even Nixon was that fucking stupid.


* Classic "dirty the target of our hatreds" right here. Donald Segretti's ratfucking spirit is alive and well.


* Yeah, Nixon and his goons were pissed when none of their national security excuses would absolve them of guilt for their bullshit either.


* Secret Gamer Girl, much like Charles Colson, is doing a great job of playing to the dark sides of everyone involved and convincing them that they can't do evil to evil itself, the same kind of cold, damned egoism that convinced Nixon's goons they could do no wrong.


* More circlejerking about how their opponents fucking deserve to be shit on, much like Nixon's goons did more times than can be counted on the Nixon tapes.


* Much like Nixon fucking hated Lawrence O'Brien, DNC Chairman at the time of Watergate, these assholes spew similar venom about Brad Wardell.


* And Nixon and friends always wanted to frame O'Brien as an evil piece of shit with zero credibility too.


* Change a few names around and this is indistinguishable from some of the pre-Watergate meetings for GEMSTONE, the plan that gave birth to the Watergate break-ins.

....I think I've made my point, corrupt shitshow of scumbags looking to profit on the fucking over of their enemies then with the arrant assumption they are the angels then, same shit today.

Here's the full leaks of their indiscretions:


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