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Role Actor Béatrice Dalle
Betty in Betty Blue
La star in On a volé Charlie Spencer!
Alice in Chimère
Maddalena in The Witches' Sabbath
Violette in Dark Woods
Suzy in A Woman's Revenge
Odona in La belle histoire
Brigitte in La fille de l'air
Elsa in Six Days, Six Nights
Madeleine in Desired
Saida in Clubbed to Death (Lola)
Annie 1 in The Blackout
Elena in To the Limit
Marie in Toni
Coré in Trouble Every Day
The actress in H Story
Cécile Cassard in Seventeen Times Cécile Cassard
Lise Brandt in Time of the Wolf
L'Actrice in Process
Tatla the Machine God in Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space
Elena in Clean
Ava in In Your Dreams
Béatrice in Crime Insiders
La princesse in Tête d'or
Béatrice Dalle in Lux Æterna
Lucie in Le bonheur est pour demain
16080 in Third Take
Gina in Jimmy Rivière
Nadia in Domain
16080 in Maldoror
Gloria in Bye Bye Blondie
Anna in Our Paradise
La physionomiste in The Beast in the Jungle
16080 in Holy the Obscene
16080 in La passion selon Béatrice
Béatrice (Brigitte) in Le renard jaune
Zohra in L'étoile du jour
Mildred in Meine Schwestern
Bernadette in Season of Souls
Bernadette in Phares Ouest
Eris in The Lake
Jo in My Guy
Pierre's aunt in Domain


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