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Role Actor Geraldine Chaplin
Tonya in Doctor Zhivago
Zelda in Crime on a Summer Morning
Angela Sawyer in Cop-Out
Mounia Golovine in J'ai tué Raspoutine
Elena in Peppermint Frappé
Teresa in Stress Is Three
Teresa in Honeycomb
Purity Hoxworth in The Hawaiians
Mme Muller in Perched on a Tree
Lucía Alfaro in The House Without Frontiers
Ana in Anna and the Wolves
Miriam Loman in Innocent Bystanders
Carol in Z.P.G.
Luisa in ¿... Y el prójimo?
María in Cría Cuervos
Morag in Noroît (une vengeance)
Ann in Caught
Elisa in Elisa, My Life
Paulina Arevalo in In memoriam
Karen Hood in Welcome to L.A.
Catherine Malessier in Adoption
Isabelle in Mais où et donc Ornicar
Emilia in Blindfolded Eyes
Emily in Remember My Name
Rita Billingsley in A Wedding
Ana in Mama Turns 100
Adelaida in La viuda de Montiel
Ella Zielinsky in The Mirror Crack'd
Lucie in Le voyage en douce
Suzan in Bolero
Nora Winkle in Life Is a Bed of Roses
Charlotte in Love on the Ground
Diana Daniels in Buster's Bedroom
Joyce Wheater in The Children
Angela Duverger in Gentile alouette
Hannah Chaplin in Chaplin
Miss McKenna in Words Upon the Window Pane
Catherine in To Hear the Birds Singing
Thelma in Crimetime
Jane Powell in Os Olhos da Ásia
Adeline in Cousin Bette
Lise in One Page of Love
Madre in Finisterre, donde termina el mundo
Lenka Vitas in Andremo in città
Charlotte De in Beresina or The Last Days of Switzerland
Marie-des-Anges in Marriage a la Mode
Madre in Just Run!
Anne Zimmler in Sommerfuglene
Joan Turner in The Faces of the Moon
Marie in En la ciudad sin límites
Rottenmeier in Heidi
Priora in Theresa: The Body of Christ
Maman in Boxes
Alma in L'imbroglio nel lenzuolo
Cecilia in Seneca: On the Creation of Earthquakes
Countess Orsini in Imago mortis
Abuela de Valérie in Diary of a Nymphomaniac
Galerist in Ramírez
Victoria in The Island Inside
16080 in Impalpable
Therese in Me and Kaminski
Rosa Cabarcas in Memories of My Melancholy Whores
Jean in Un amor de película
Annie Colin in All Together
Josephine in ¿Para qué sirve un oso?
Linda in Americano
16080 in Dirty Pink
Elizabeth in Amar en Madrid
Meme in Amapola
Producer in Wax
Anne in Sand Dollars
16080 in Madres de los dioses
Tower Woman in The Broken Key
Great-grandma Nina in Go West!
Anne in Noelí en Los Países
Germaine in Anchor and Hope
16080 in The Wind Blew On
Miny Barrios in Camino Sinuoso
Giulia Visantrin in Red Land (Rosso Istria)
Vera in Holy Beasts
Lady Liz in The Barefoot Emperor
Clara Luz in 98 Seconds Without Shadow
The General in Luka
Ana in Peppermint Frappé
Ana in Cría Cuervos
Esposa de Luis in Elisa, My Life
Sara Glenn in Bolero
Dr. Ilse von Stroheim in The Barefoot Emperor
Mama Wakolux in The Barefoot Emperor


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