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Role Actor Maxwell Caulfield
Michael in Grease 2
Bill in Electric Dreams
Roy Alston in The Boys Next Door
Pvt. Ray Ellis in The Supernaturals
Eric Garrison in Mind Games
Joe Moore in Exiled in America
George Abbott in Fatal Sky
Shaughnessy in Dance with Death
Garland in Midnight Witness
William Robert Sloan in No Escape No Return
Adam Cestare in Inevitable Grace
Rex Manning in Empire Records
Bob in The Real Blonde
Daniel Summer in The Perfect Tenant
Agent Jim Carpenter in Submerged
Harlan Moss in Facing the Enemy
Tom in Dazzle
Barry Gordon in More to Love
Jeff Thompson in Divine Lovers
Tom in Dog Lover's Symphony
Alex McDowell in Nightmare City 2035
Narrator in Hannari: Geisha Modern
Sheriff Parker in Dire Wolf
Craig in Love Accidentally
Bert in 7000 Miles
Alfred in Craft Me a Romance
Rex in Those Who Wander
Martin Gilbert in Ipi Tombi
Moritz in Axcellerator


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