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Role Actor David Carradine
Lucas Barnes in The Violent Ones
Waco in The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
White Feather in The McMasters
Jesse Boone in Young Billy Young
Big Bill Shelly in Boxcar Bertha
Zeto in You and Me
Frankenstein in Death Race 2000
Woody Guthrie in Bound for Glory
Coy 'Cannonball' Buckman in Cannonball
Abel Rosenberg in The Serpent's Egg
Harley Thomas in Thunder and Lightning
Kaz Oshay in Deathsport
Capt. Gates in Gray Lady Down
The Blind Man in Circle of Iron
Charlie Swattle in Fast Charlie... the Moonbeam Rider
Brad Randolph in Cloud Dancer
Cole Younger in The Long Riders
The American Soldier in Americana
Shepard in Q: The Winged Serpent
Eddie Miles in Safari 3000
Richard Adams in Trick or Treats
Rawley Wilkes in Lone Wolf McQuade
Bryant in On the Line
Kain in The Warrior and the Sorceress
Dark One in Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II
Jim Roth in Armed Response
Col. James Cooper in P.O.W. the Escape
Major Charles Forsythe in Run for Your Life
Col. Whitlock in Firing Squad
Jason in Crime Zone
Michael LeWinter in Fatal Secret
Joe Rourke in Open Fire
Dow in Warlords
16080 in The Trace of Lynx
Professor Foxwood in The Mad Bunch
Harmon in Nowhere to Run
Mardulak in Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat
Oskar in Tropical Snow
Bradley in Try This One for Size
Eugene Sorenson in Bird on a Wire
Michael in Dune Warriors
Gideon Fisk in Evil Toons
Tucker in Future Force
John Tucker in Future Zone
Hanley in Midnight Fear
Max Crawford in Night Children
Pearl in Sonny Boy
Michael Maltin in Capital Punishment
Gen. Corman in Battle Gear
Joe Foley in Distant Justice
Mr. C in Double Trouble
Vincent in Night Rhythms
Col. Horace Wiggins in Kill Zone
Coley in Macon County Jail
Colonel in Code... Death: Frontera Sur
Sheldon Blake in The New Swiss Family Robinson
James Lee Springer in American Reel
Miles in Light Speed
Ron Morrell in Project Eliminator
Captain in Crime of Crimes
Ventriloquist in Shepherd
The General in The Puzzle in the Air
Louis Dehoven in Natural Selection
Max Kaufman in Sublet
Doc Hadley in Knocking on Death's Door
Lemmy in Dangerous Curves
Norm Williams in G.O.D.
Mike in The Donor
16080 in Bitter End
Bill in Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Willem Vincent Sr. in Wheatfield with Crows
Michael Morrison in Lost Bullet
Fred McGillicuddie in Last Goodbye
Bill aka Snake Charmer in Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Driscoll in Brothers in Arms
Ike in Miracle at Sage Creek
Captain Baker in Final Move
Cowboy Bob in Camille
Pierre in Treasure Raiders
Buckingham in Richard III
Mookoo in Homo Erectus
The Master in Big Stan
Vargas in My Suicide
Detective Mike Stone in Last Hour
Van Helsing in The Last Sect
Shopkeeper in Night of the Templar
Mikhail in Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter
Wade Douglas in Fall Down Dead
Capt. Zebulon Hedge in The Golden Boys
Principal Hoskins in Detention
Lobo in Fuego
Clive Jonis in Dark Fields
Mr. Hover in Road of No Return
Raf McCane in Absolute Evil - Final Exit
Vernon Billings in Six Days in Paradise
Klau in Money to Burn
Monteiro in Stretch
16080 in A Country Mile
Monkeyman in Circle of Iron
Death in Circle of Iron
Mathieu's brother in The Donor
Uncle Unky in Homo Erectus


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