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Role Actor Lillo Brancato
Calogero (Age 17) in A Bronx Tale
Lenny in Sticks
Chris Finn in Provocateur
The Husband in 'R Xmas
Jimmy Pierazzi in In the Shadows
Samy Saxo in The Real Deal
Mike Nolan in A Silent Order
Vinnie in Whack the Don
Ochoa in Made in Mexico
Lillo Fante in Sleepyhead
Buddy Falcone in Who Killed Jimmy Gumdrops
Sid in Dream Devil
Al in Ave U
Father Palladino in Monsters of Mulberry Street
16080 in Valhalla
Tony in Vamp Bikers Tres
Tommy Moretti in The Fury
16080 in Revenge of the Dragon
Zanca in Dead on Arrival
Scotty A in Bleeding Greed
16080 in Zombie: The Motion Picture
Bruno in King of Newark 2
Sonny Finici in 5th Borough


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