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Role Actor Carole Bouquet
Conchita Pérez (brunette) in That Obscure Object of Desire
Nada in Blank Generation
Melina in For Your Eyes Only
Carole in Day of the Idiots
Laura in Bingo Bongo
Mystère in Mystère
Héméré in Le bon roi Dagobert
Babée Senanques in Rive droite, rive gauche
Isabelle Rodin in Spécial police
Hélène in Double Gentlemen
Clara in Bunker palace hôtel
Florence Barthélémy in Too Beautiful for You
Margherita in Donne con le gonne
Kate Swallow in A Business Affair
Carole Bouquet in Dead Tired
Lucie Aubrac in Lucie Aubrac
Viviane Farnese in In All Innocence
Valentine in The Persian Lamb Coat
Mina in The Bridge
Anna Ghirardi in Lulu Kreutz's Picnic
Sofia in Wasabi
Lulu in Summer Things
Hélène in Red Lights
Geneviève Massu - la directrice des études in Bad Spelling
Chantal Letellier in Housewarming
Hélène in Northeast
La reine in Aurore
Anna in Un ami parfait
La mère de 'Fil de fer' in Behind the Walls
Hélène in Perfect Match...
Julia in Je vais te manquer
Aude Lettelier in Protéger & servir
16080 in Le Bal des Folles
Marthe in Libre échange
Judith in Unforgivable
Alice in Bad Girl
Nathalie Leproux in Do Not Disturb
(segments "Chanel No.5: The Swimming Pool" - "Chanel No.5: Monuments" - "Chanel No. 5: La Star" - "Chanel No. 5: Sentiment troublant" - "Chanel No.5: L'orchestre") in The King of Ads, Part 2
Lucie in Kiss & Tell
Paula in Boutchou
La voisine de Colette in Too Beautiful for You


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