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Role Actor Isabella Rossellini
Eugenia in Il prato
Dorothy Vallens in Blue Velvet
Lady Jean in Red Riding Hood
Marie in Siesta
Madeleine in Tough Guys Don't Dance
Mademoiselle in Zelly and Me
Maria in Cousins
Victoire in Gallant Ladies
Rosanna in The Siege of Venice
Lisle Von Rhuman in Death Becomes Her
Maria in The Innocent
Laura Klein in Fearless
Anna Marie Erdödy in Immortal Beloved
Henriette in Croce e delizia
Clara in The Funeral
Mrs. Kalman in Left Luggage
Katchen in Il cielo cade
Joyce in Roger Dodger
Lady Helen Port-Huntley in The Saddest Music in the World
Urania in The Feast of the Goat
Julia Waters in The Architect
Miss Canvenini in My Dog Tulip
Narrator in The Last Jews of Libya
Francesca in Arrivederci
Gabriella Guglielmi in Silent Life: The Story of the Lady in Black
16080 in Spaceman
Jane in Land of Dreams
Dorothy Vallens in Blue Velvet Lost Footage
Flora in La Chimera
Dr. Enid Zabala in Cat Person
Narrator in Problemista
Connie in Marcel the Shell with Shoes On
Mary in Late Bloomers
Hyacinth in Keyhole
Narrator in Italia. Il fuoco, la cenere
Sister Agnes in Conclave
Madame Trebla in The Dandelions
Mother in Enemy
Buffy in Closet Monster
Lady Sackville in Vita & Virginia
Mother Superior in Just Heloise
Michelle Keaton in Silent Retreat


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